SNOOP DOGG: Celebrates 50 in Style

Hometown Heroes Drive-In Concert

Some of the D-O-Double-G's famous friends came through to celebrate the start of his fifth decade.Photo: Getty Images North America

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

Snoop also treated himself to a gift, buying a custom Mercury Cougar in Lakers colors airbrushed with images of LeBron and Kobe.

Happy birthday Snoop!

Snoop is ageless to me. He's been in this game for 30 years and I could easily see him putting in 30 more.

50 years old and he's still doing it pretty big -- performing live, announcing fights, hosting shows, acting in BMF -- basically doing whatever he wants and living his best life.

I thought I smelled smoke in the air yesterday.

Once Snoop celebrated the beginning of his fifth decade in style this week. The D-O-Double-G rolled up to his birthday party in a tuxedo, top hat and fur coat. Some of his famous friends like Jamie Foxx, Usher, Nelly, Flavor Flav, and T.I. came through in similarly fashionable fits. Uncle Snoop’s family even threw the Dogg a bone, giving him a fully restored copper-colored 1955 Chevy Impala to cruise around in.

Some folks who couldn’t show up, like his Potluck Dinner Party partner Martha Stewart, made sure to show love by posting shout-outs on social media.

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