Michael Myers Is Homophobic?!

Michael Myers is a character that has murdered many on the silver screen, but now he isn't being called out for his villainous behaviors after the most recent installment of the franchise, Halloween Kills, horror fans have accused him of homophobia.

Halloween is always a fan favorite due to its simplicity, but some fans have taken to social media to call out what they believe is absurd.

SPOILERS! Michael Myers kills a gay couple in Halloween Kills, and now there have been a select few who have taken to the internet to make even this an anti-LGBTQIA conversation.

There are op-ed articles written about the topic, and people who once supported this line of thought have backtracked, stating that it was all just a joke. Not everyone is buying it and they are expressing themselves by the thousands.

Needless to say social media is striking back in defense of Michael Myers.

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