Keanu Reeves Took A Page Out Of The Rock's Gift Book

Keanu Reeves handed his 'John Wick' stuntmen new watches as a thank-you for their services.

Keanu dished out brand-new 2020 Submariners to his 4 stuntmen in Paris, as "John Wick 4" completed filming.

Stuntman, Jeremy Marinas, took to social media to post photos of the Rolexes ... writing "Best wrap gift ever." Each watch was engraved with a custom message, courtesy of Keanu. Each stunt guy got his own name etched in, as well as an assigned a number.

The whole gesture sparks memories of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson grand gift giving moment in the WWE with his Nation Of Domination factionmates.

For those who do not remember while wrestling in the WWE as "The Rock" Johnson had a moment on Monday Night Raw that led to his taking over of the faction, The Nation Of Domination. Watch below how Johnson & Reeves are a pair of great minds thinking alike.

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