Brilliantly Black Louisville Sponsor: New Leaf Clinic

New Leaf Clinic

Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

At New Leaf Clinic, we provide our patients with access to life-changing therapy, along with caring healthcare professionals, dedicated to your treatment. In 2017, New Leaf Clinic opened our doors to patients in the city of Louisville, Ky. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those struggling with mental illness and addiction in a safe environment — with hopes of earning a reputation as the best Mental Health Clinic in the area. The owner, as the daughter of a recovering addict (as he called himself) and a psychiatrist, combines her personal experience and formal education to provide evidenced-based treatment from the heart.

We are located in the West End of Louisville, Ky.

New Leaf is in loving memory of Micheal T. White.

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“I grew up in recovery, as my dad, Mike White, was 20 years sober when he passed. He co-owned local sober living home, Our Father's House. Many people trust me because of his work. Many of us quit our jobs to start this and all of us give our heart and souls to this work. We see every single person as an individual, get to know them very well, and tailor their treatment to them. If there is a barrier, we help them overcome. We will go to court with them, advocate, meet with families.” -Dr. Teresa Walker, Owner/Psychiatrist