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Astrology Quickies for August 29-September 3

This week Venus moves into Virgo! Venus is the ruler of all the feel good; pleasure, passion, comfort, love! The earth sign of Virgo will influence you to search for stability in the Venus principles. Listen to this weeks episode of Astrology and Chill.

As a bonus here's a Astrology Quick Fix


Virgo- getting rid of all your bad habits at one time is unrealistic but one at a time is realistic

Libra- meditate and you'll discover what's been happening

Scorpio- humble things are looking more attractive

Sagittarius- let them have their drama focus on yourself!

Capricorn- today feels more like a Friday than a Monday

Aquarius- you're excited about your plans so get them started

Pisces- your plate is too full, clear it

Aries- ever step gets you closer to your turning point

Taurus- even if you're single you're thinking about commitment

Gemini- today brings a surprise strong connection with someone important

Cancer- stay away from the action. This is your day to be alone

Leo- today's energy is be of service to people


Virgo- everything is going according to plan

Libra- flip the tables in a power struggle. You'll win

Scorpio- it's all about endurance now. Move at a pace you can sustain

Sagittarius- give yourself time to ease into your day

Capricorn- take the blinders off and see them for who they are

Aquarius- making connections with people is going to feel like a full time job

Pisces- if you feel like you've been giving too much it's time to ask for reciprocity

Aries- you're leaving a strong impression on powerful people

Taurus- pay more attention to your friends than your enemies

Gemini- if you can make work fun you'll get more done

Cancer- it's healthy to want alone time. Go get it!

Leo- today may not go according to plan so make room for mistakes


Virgo- make yourself top priority, be selfish

Libra- enjoying life is part of your purpose

Scorpio- if it involves money make sure you focus

Sagittarius- your dreams may be causing confusion but it's all about to make sense

Capricorn- being organized is good but don't over do it

Aquarius- new member of your social group are starting to effect the dynamics

Pisces- when you share a secret be prepared for what emotions it triggers

Aries- things are getting busier but you're ready

Taurus- getting some alone time might be tough today, you're in high demand

Gemini- someone keeps giving you advice you didn't ask for. Tell them

Cancer- people seem a little more interesting than before, get to know them deeper

Leo- the energy is so good you can ignore any petty behavior


Virgo- do something fun and physical

Libra- you went from bumping heads to being on the same page

Scorpio- don't underestimate the worth of small goals

Sagittarius- if that relationship doesn't truly make you happy it's ok to let it go

Capricorn- today you'll be making influential connections

Aquarius- if you're feeling tired take a break

Pisces- a better financial future is happening for you

Aries- being friendly is about connecting with other people

Taurus- all the signs say you're on the right path. Get ready for the perks

Gemini- the news is big but watch your reaction

Cancer- you may not feel like coming out of introspection but you should

Leo- you're unstoppable, remember that if someone tries to stop you


Virgo- go slow and make sure you get what you want done

Libra- go too deep into someone's life and you'll be in over your head

Scorpio- it's ok to take it slow but if you want to speed up you should

Sagittarius- your life feels like it's coming together in a new way today

Capricorn- today is very high energy and you can match it

Aquarius- focus on what moves you forward not what hold you back

Pisces- you can learn a lot from watching success and failure

Aries- your brand should be your top priority for now. Listen to the advice you're given

Taurus- the financial pay off is taking a while. Start asking questions.

Gemini- be honest about your intent, agendas can't be hidden

Cancer- being alone will help you regain balance

Leo- nurture old and new relationships

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