2Pac Murder Suspect Keefe D's Trial Delayed For Several Months

Keefe D won't have his day in court until later this year thanks to a motion from his new defense attorney.

On Tuesday, February 20, KTNV reported Duane "Keefe D" Davis' trial has been pushed back to November. The man accused of organizing the murder of Tupac Shakur recently hired a new lawyer Carl "E.G." Arnold, who asked the judge for more time to review all of the discovery materials involved with Davis' case. Arnold told reporters his client intends to post $75,000 for bail and qualify for house arrest.

"He's upbeat that he can possibly get out of here real soon," Arnold said.

Davis was arrested last September following a revamped investigation into 2Pac's murder. He was accused of being in the car and providing the weapon to the actual person who fired the deadly shots at the rap star on the night of September 7, 1996. Davis is the only man still alive who was in the car that night. He faces one charge of murder and is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center. Following several delays, David was able to enter a "not guilty" plea.

Last month, a judge granted him bail set at $750,000. In order to quality for house arrest, Davis would have to cough up 10% of his bail and prove that the money came from a legitimate source. Upon his release, the defendant would also have to wear an ankle monitor.

Davis' trial date was originally set for June 3. The trial will now begin on November 4.

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