Woman On Electric Scooter Hit By Car Right After Scooter Safety Interview

In Palma, Spain, many residents are choosing to move around on electric scooters instead of using cars. With all the new scooters on the roads, politicians have been putting more regulations in place to help with the safety of all its residents - drivers, scooter riders and pedestrians alike. A recent news report in the Spanish city highlighted those rules and during it, the reporter interviews one scooter rider, quizzing her on the new regulations of the road. He asks her what they are and, clearly aware of them, she responds saying, "You can't go anywhere unless it's a cycle path or ACIRE (zones of restricted vehicle access in the city). It's still not mandatory to wear a helmet and you can't wear headphones with music and I think at night you can go anywhere."

The interviewer then states, "Perfect! You Pass!" He thanks her and she scoots off on her way, crossing a large street. Before she gets halfway across, a car hits her and knocks her off her scooter. Because of the irony, whoever uploaded the video added the end credits to Curb Your Enthusiasm to the clip.

A post about the video on Reddit has comments claiming that the woman was not injured in the collision. Hopefully that was the case.

Photo: YouTube