Register Your Team


  1. Go to the registration website
  2. Select "REGISTER NOW" on the right hand side.
  3. Select your form of payment
    1. Either Credit/Debit Card or Money Orders (Cash/Check link)
    2. We do not accept cash or personal checks.
    3. Please note when using a credit card, there is a $3 per person processing fee.
  4. Select "Team Member".
  5. Complete the form with your information.
  6. Once you get to "Team Name", select from the list of teams available. If you are creating a new team, select "Create A New Team".
    1. Please note the system does not save team names from previous years.
  7. If you are registering for multiple people, you will select "+Another Registration For This Event" on the checkout screen and follow the same steps.


**When using a credit card to register online, please note there is a $3 per person processing fee**

$15 per individual / $20 per team member through 8/19

$20 per individual / $25 per team member 8/20 through 9/16

$25 per individual / $30 per team member 9/17 through 10/20

All registered walkers will receive a Sista Strut t-shirt. Those registered as a team member will also receive a Sista Strut backpack. A team may consist of 2+ people (no minimum or maximum).

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