The tearing down of Beecher Terrace

posted by 12 Mr. FTC -

Today at the Baxter Community Center in Louisville Kentucky, residents from Beecher Terrace were invited to attend a resource fair which was a briefing that could change their lives forever.

The City of Louisville and it's civic leaders have approved a $30,000,000 grant to revitalize the Russell Neighborhood, and to do so, the Beecher Terrance projects will be torn down and replaced.

Today many of the residents were asking City Leaders questions about how they will be affected by relocation and workforce issues.  Simple concerns like changing healthcare providers and schooling also came to the forefront.  

Gentrification is nothing new to the city.  The Nulu area, which was once in the place of where The Clarksdale / Sheppard Square projects stood, has now became a swanky over-priced neighborhood with some apartments charging up to $1,500 for a single bedroom apartment.  If this is the case with Beecher Terrace the area will be strategically overpriced so that the "old residents" won't be able to remain in the area.

I guess when it comes to city improvements, somebody has to lose.  And the biggest losers always seem to be the finacially disadvantaged.




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