Don't want no broke b****! Katina Powell stealing?

posted by 12 Mr. FTC -

Katina "Bam" Powell, the thot-pocket that kicked off the biggest sex scandal in college basketball history has reached a new low! 

Her attorney, Bart McMahon, confirmed that Katina Powell was cited for allegedly stealing a toothbrush from a Walmart store.

Powell is denying the chargers and claiming she's innocent, though store workers and cameras may think otherwise.  

Her book "Breaking Cardinal Rules" alleged former Cards staffer Andre McGee hired her and other dancers for parties with players and recruits from 2010 to 2014.  Now the school could be fined up to $15,000,000 and have to ban all of their wins from 2010-2014, vacating the 2013 national championship.  All she got out the deal was 15 minutes of fame as she eclipsed Duke and UK on U of L fans "most hated" list.  It's apparent the book didn't sell well if she's doing thottish-booster type things like stealing toothbrushes...




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