Boycott deese n**z! Monique vs Netflix...

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In Today's world, topics like equal pay for women and the #MeToo movement are no longer hidden in the shadows.  But actress Monique just kicked off the #NahSis movement, and here's why:

Monique was recently offered a deal from Netflix that would have paid her $500,000 for a 1-hour comedy special.  Imagine getting half-a-million dollars to tell jokes?!?  However, Monique was offended by the offer because Amy Schumer was offered $11,000,000 for her comedy special while Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle reached deals worth up to $20,000,000 per 1-hour special. 

So how did she respond?  

Like most uninformed over-emotional people she quickly turned to social media and posted a rant asking people to boycott Netflix because she was being treated unfairly and accused them of gender and racial bias (even though Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are black and AMy Schumer is a woman, so........)  

Click the Link to see her rant

Fortunately no body was feeling sorry for her, and neither do I.  For her to get $500,000 for doing a comedy show would be like me being a dread-lock modeling contract (and I'm as bald as Louis Gosset Jr).  She's not a comedian and she doesn't have the followings that Schumer, Chappelle and Chris Rock have and she hasn't done anything since being an abusive, neglectful mother in the movie "Precious" (and she's probably still pissed at Lee Daniels too).

Moral of the story is, Monique, there are plenty of worthy causes in the world worth attention and protest; but you being over-paid your value in your and feeling like you deserve more is not worthy of our attention and support.  Go have a seat please.


12 Mr. FTC (@12mrftc)



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